Value information on safes by Scottdale Locksmith

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Forecast about Vault’s Demand Up to 2015 Many people around the world from different countries are now making use of vaults and safes for their valuables safety. These item keepers are made from durable metals that are hardly destroyed by weather and other unexpected calamities that could happen. Locks are also considered as the best… Read more »

Infographic on locksmithing

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Maison Key System The maison key system is the keying system that allows the lock to be opened in a number of unique individual keys. The key systems are often found in some apartments and buildings in common areas like the main entrance or the laundry rooms where the individual resident can use his apartment… Read more »

How to Buy a Used Car – An illustrated Video/Info Guide

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Brands of Used Cars that Sell Best There are different brands of used cars available in the market today, ranging from best sellers to minimal, depending on the quality, performance and prices. American brands are the leading car brands in the market today for selling used cars. American brands’ used cars rate 64.8 percent because… Read more »

Car robbery infographic & video

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NICB’s list of Top 10 Most Stolen Cars and How to Prevent Vehicle Theft The top 10 most stolen cars on the list of NICB are compiled by means of using a vehicle theft data that is submitted by the law enforcement to NCIC or National Crime Information Centre. Here is the complete list. The… Read more »