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A three-point locking system is a type of locking system that’s installed in locker doors or cabinet doors to make the cabinet or locker more secure. A single lock will only secure a cabinet door in one spot, leaving it vulnerable to a break-in; however, a three-point system will secure the top, bottom, and middle of the door.

This however does not mean that there are three separate locks; all three points get locked simultaneously with one key in one keyhole. This simultaneous locking is accomplished by two strong steel rods that are attached to the lock on the inside of the cabinet or locker door; one rod goes up, the other one goes down. The rods will move when the lock is turned; the upper rod will go through a hole the upper part of the cabinet, and the bottom rod will extend and fit down in a hole in the lower part. The cabinet door is then much more tamper proof; a locker with only a single lock in the middle can easily be pried open at the top or bottom.

An interesting fact about three point locking systems is that in Australia, a cabinet or storage locker that falls under a certain weight limit cannot be used to store firearms legally. However, if the locker has a three point lock and is bolted to the floor or wall, it may be used.

There are now three point locking systems available for exterior doors in the United States. Your locksmith in Peoria or local home security expert will be able to provide you with more information and will probably even be able to install a three-point system for you so that your doors provide the highest level of security.

A benefit that your locksmith in Peoria is likely to point out is that unlike installing three separate deadbolts, the three point system is operated by one motion only, making home security easy and almost effortless. This type of system will be particularly effective if you happen to live in a high-crime area as it basically turns your exterior door into something more like a wall.